Creating recognition awards and promotional products with passion and know-how for more than 35 years.



Talented team

Design Franc Art inc. is where passionate people love to come to work. It's a working environment that inspires innovation and enthusiasm and encourages its employees to push boundaries and create innovative solutions. We are a strong team sharing common values of excellence, kindness, passion and trust.


Working environnement

Work with state of the art technology in a clean, safe and air-conditioned environment.


Remuneration & social benefits

Benefit from a competitive salary, an group insurance program, a collective RRSP and a recognition program. Enjoy weeks off, paid national holidays, paid medical leaves and a flexible schedule. Get rebates and benefits for an array of activities and services.


Health & well-being

There is nothing more important to us than your health and your family's well-being. Ourt telemedicine service and our help program offer you all the tools you need to stay healthy and safe. Take part in our yearly " Health Challenge" where all employees will be encoraged to set "health" as their priority.

Social Club

Many activities are organized by the social club to keep people together and bulid a strong team. Whether it's for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's day or any other occasion, our gatherings are always much appriciated by everyone.

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Spontaneous application


We always keep our eyes open for new talents in various fields to meet the demands of our customers and enrich our team. Share your profile with us without hesitation.

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