What influences the price?

What influences the price?

24 October 2023

The size
The size of your creation will have a direct effect on the price since it influences the amount of material needed, the surface to be decorated and its weight. Note that smaller does not necessarily equate to a less expensive price. While it is true that it reduces decoration and material costs, the amount of work needed is greatly increased since the degree of attention and precision increases exponentially.

The shape
More often than not, a 3D shape will involve machining costs that will vary depending on the time needed and the complexity of the shape. A complex form may also include programming and/or unique template creation costs. A 2D cutout may also require machining time depending on the complexity. Note that a 3D shape requires more material unlike its 2D counterpart.

The decoration
The decoration area is directly related to the decoration cost. As a general rule, printing will be more economical than engraving. With this in mind, screen printing is the most economical option but be careful, its price varies depending on the number of colors used.

The materials
Whether acrylic, glass, wood, crystal, granite or aluminum, the choice of material gives an excellent idea in which price category your creation will find itself. Since it is a custom creation, the cost of the raw material is often not the only factor influencing its price. We must consider the transformation of the latter. We are talking here about shape, color or decoration. If aluminum is the most expensive raw material, a trophy in aluminum may be as expensive as an identical replica in acrylic. Here are a few assumptions that can be made about our materials: 

- Aluminum is the most expensive raw material to use and transform

- Acrylic has the potential to be the most economical AND the most expensive. This is also the most flexible material. Its price fluctuates widely with size, thickness, color and whether embedments are included in the design

- Wood is a very economical material but offers less flexibility compared to aluminum and acrylic. The size, thickness and finish (stain, varnish, paint) are likely to increase its price

- In terms of price for raw materials, glass and granite are not the most economical but are those which the least fluctuating prices. Their cost depends on the thickness of the sheets available. Please note that a specific shape may require waterjet cutting and polishing costs.

- The price of crystal depend on the models available in our stocks. The price of a project using our crystals will mostly be more influenced by its decorations


The intangibles
Some details not to forget when thinking about the price of our creation:

- The price is influenced by the quantity ordered. A single unit will always be more expensive than, say, then units. The more the merrier they say. We encourage you to ask about our stocking capabilities.  

- Transportation costs related to delivery should be taken into consideration. Please note that the weight of the piece(s) will have an impact on it.