Custom creations as easy as 1-2-3 !

Technical Bulletin 10/03/2017

Custom creations as easy as 1-2-3 !


Creating a unique, high-end award on its own is not an easy task to tackle. Thankfully, we can assist you with each crucial step of the process to make your custom award process as easy as 1-2-3.


1. Conceptualization


The hardest and longest part of the process is finding that first spark to get the whole project going. There are many elements that can be used to establish the foundations of an award. To name a few:


  • The budget
  • The logo
  • The field of work of the company/organization/recipient
  • Why is the award given
  • Is the award mean to be corporate minded or more personal?
  • Who is the recipient
  • Quirks and personality traits of the recipients


Thanks to more than 30 years of experience and a team of professional artists, Design Franc Art can help you create the groundwork for a true piece of art. We thrive on limitations and always aim to transcend the limits while focusing on the basics. Our advice: keep it simple and let us be your muse.



2. Concretization


It is now time to flesh out your idea. What will it look like? What materials will be used? How about the colors? What text should I engrave? All these questions need to be addressed in this part of the process.

We can offer quick outlines to let you decide what your award will look like. Our team of skilled designers will offer input on what colors, decorations and materials you could use to define and inject creativity and personality to your custom award.


3. Creation


Once the outline is done it’s time to get technical and answer the last question of the process: how will it be made? This is why a technical proof is created. The technical proof will help our production team and our artistic team get in synch. Together, they will adapt the creative requirements to our technical capabilities. 


We know the technical breakdown of the award can be a bit intimidating. This is why we offer to our clients the possibility of creating a 3D rendering. Although it will never give you the same insight than having the actual physical pre-production sample in hands, specifically in terms of weight, finish, size it will still give you a pretty decent look at what your award will look like fresh out of the assembly line. Think of it as a pre-production sample that can be sent by email.


Finally, we can put aside the drawing board and bring your award from concept to reality. A few days from now, you will be unboxing a groundbreaking award.