It’s all about the colors

It’s all about the colors

12 October 2023

Primary colors


Red: When we think of red, it’s easy to think of impending danger, anger or red wine. This color also inspires warmth, passion, vitality and enthusiasm and impulsiveness. Don’t be surprised if this color is used to target younger audiences.

Blue: One of the most, if not the most, used color when it comes to branding. It symbolises professionalism, success, maturity and calm. A must for high end, financial and governmental businesses.

Yellow and Gold: Successful, cautious and quirky, his is what yellow transpires. Think about all those warning signs. Yet, there’s something warm and friendly about it, although very loud. It’s a color that catches the eye very easily. And of course, yellow is only a few tones away from the triumphant and prestigious gold. 


Secondary colors


Pink: It’s a very flirty and passionate color. Obviously, mostly a feminine color, pink is rarely used to target gender neutral clientele. Often associated to flowers and playfulness.

Orange: A very youthful and sunny color. Not the first color that comes to mind though some marketers will associate orange to originality and innovation.

Green: Associated to money, obviously. What do you mean wrong century? Fine. Today, green is associated to plants and anything organic and natural. There’s a certain purity and freshness to the color green which explains why it’s a popular color for financial institutions.

Purple: The powerful. Purple is much more than a feminine clientele only color. Historically, purple was a color associated to powerful institution like royalty and church. In literature, purple was synonym of supernatural and magical forces. If you’re going for wealth, wisdom or witches, purple is the color for you.


The rest


Black: For some people, black is synonym to sophistication. To most it boils down to life or death. Pretty accurate summary as the usage of black with vivid colors will help enhance and bring new life to your design whereas with darker colors black can be a deal breaker.

Brown: A very masculine color for the grounded and cerebral folks. Often associated to earth and rural life. 

White: For the marketers and sales representatives white represent purity, simplicity and sincerity. For the cynics it is the boring color. 

Grey and Silver: Can’t go wrong with grey’s neutrality. Sometimes inspires sturdiness and security, grey is the strong silent type of colors. Whether you use grey (or silver), you’re going for the formal and conservative, assertive yet discreet route. Grey is also an excellent color to set a particular tone and mood. Try playing with its shades – the results will surprise you.

Clear:  Sometimes the best color is no color at all. When it comes to awards, there is nothing purer and more sophisticated than a clear crystal.