Full color 3D printing!

Full color 3D printing!

16 August 2023

Trying to think outside the box and beyond for your next recognition award or deal toy? Have you considered implementing 3D printing to your design? We have. Design Franc Art is proud to announce the purchase of a state of the art 3D Color Printer.


How it works


Based on an image, or the imagination of our skilled 3D graphic designers, we will create a virtual model of the item or logo of your choosing, before dividing it into thousands of thin layers. These layers are then uploaded to the 3D Color Printer. The items is cut and printed layer by layer out of a block made of a homemade mix of powdered materials, a few curing agents sprinkled with a touch of love and inks.


So what does it mean for your future deal toys and awards?


For starters, no more dull pewters. Add some colors to your figurine. Our 3D Color Printer can print items in any PMS color or shade that stems from the CMKY pallet.


It opens up a limitless array of decorative options for your Deal Toys, Awards and Financial Tombstones.


It also means that you can play with the density of your items as we now have the possibility of creating them completely hollow. But be careful, 3D printed items are extremely fragile and are to be handled with care. Even more so if the item is hollow.


Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out how 3D color printing can spruce up your awards or deal toys.