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Case Studies 07/03/2017


Classic Sound 99.2 FM

An important client specialized in the entertainment and media industry needed to create housewarming gift for the inauguration of a new radio station. Said station wanted to establish itself in the business as a leader in alternative rock music. On top of that, the radio stations gimmick was to parody classical music oriented radio stations. Keeping in mind all of these elements, our client needed us to create a stunning gift for his client.

Case Studies 06/03/2017


The Athlete’s Prayer

Our client approached us with a project he was working on with the head of the committee of a Christian youth group. They wanted to organize a soccer tournament between various parishes. The goal of this tournament was to raise money to help restore the religious heritage of the region. The committee in charge of the tournament wanted to offer a special gift to the churches that would help organize or compete in the tournament and thus contacted our client. For the occasion, a prayer that was to be recited before each match was created. Our client wanted this prayer to be part of the gift offered to the churches.

Case Studies 01/02/2017


Puzzling out a training program

A client looking to reward his employees for following a strict salesmanship training contacted us. He wished to offer more than a mere certificate to those who successfully completed each and every leg of the training program. After presenting us each step of the program we were able to pin point what would be the best award for such a program. Since it was a 3 part program, we wanted to include something for each leg. Something that would reward and keep the employees motivated through it all. More importantly, we wanted something that would represent the mission and values promoted by the company through their training program.

Case Studies 30/01/2017


Employee recognition item

A local company specialized in the transformation of composite materials for businesses in the fields of transportation, leisure and agriculture contacted us to create a custom made award to celebrate the seniority of their employees

Case Studies 21/01/2017


Creating from our portfolios!

One of our client did seize that oppportunity to create a unique and exceptional trophy inspired by one of our creation. While browsing through our portfolio, he stumbled upon our item AWC004