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Recognition Awards

For Promotional Awards that really stand apart

When it comes to acrylic promotional objects and recognition awards, at Design Franc Art we're truly masters of the unconventional! Nevertheless, our standard orders are still very important to us. Let's just say that we've developed unique expertise in performing unusual work.

Our portfolio of promotional objects, trophies, awards, Lucite® embedment and financial tombstones demonstrate our precision crafted detailing and the transparency of acrylic. Whether it is standard or complex, with or without insertion, we produce each piece with the same thorough attention to detail.

In addition to acrylic, Design Franc Art can produce your award using different materials such as wood, brass and aluminum. These materials, used alone or mixed together can create a design that will stand out from the crowd!

With Design Franc Art, your message just got clearer

Standard shapes, unique designs!

Even when it comes to more conventional shapes, we strive on no less than perfection. We use our creativity to draw the best from each product, adding distinctive features like graphics, special finishes, and interesting castings.

Every member of our team pays close attention to even the smallest details to ensure that each piece is top quality.

Our results will amaze you!

The imagination knows no limits...

At Design Franc Art, we produce complex pieces with amazing simplicity. We've used our unique know-how and specialized equipment to develop an approach that lets us create the unimaginable. Cars, sculptures, books, hamburgers, special bottle shapes, computers, almost anything is possible.

Craftsmanship, originality, and daring are just a few terms describing Design Franc Art. From the first rough sketches, our talented design team brings the magic of creativity to every project that not only fill your needs, but are also pleasing to the eye.

Complex made easy!

And the winner is...

Imagine the reactions you'll get when you present a trophy designed by DFA. Our team understands the prestige that surrounds awards and acknowledgements. We are committed to design and manufacture pieces that have all the details, shapes, and originality they need for the image you want to portray.

For more information about our company and our services, please contact one of our representatives. We also invite you to visit our Porfolio section.

With Design Franc Art, you are the winner!